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Client:Highlands Ranch Community
Date:September 17, 2014

Highlands Ranch Community

The Owner of LFL International facilitated numerous projects for the Highlands Ranch Community, a 22,000-acre (34.4 square miles) master planned community development in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. This planned community consists of home ownership, market rate rentals, retail, commercial, office development, parks and open space trails. Highlands Ranch is a 36,700 home community. LFL’s projects within this community include: The development and new construction of parks and open space. 2000 acres of park activity areas consisting of playground equipment, physical fitness course, areas for softball, baseball, and basketball; picnic areas with barbeque facilities; and, miles of biking and jogging paths (12 miles). LFL also chaired the committee for the Open Space Conservation Agreement Area, which developed and identified allowable uses for 1200 acres.

Served as a member of the program management team and was responsible for:

  • Interfacing with the Master Developer for mixed-use site plan development to include residential homes, rentals, town homes, commercial, retail, office, and open community spaces.
  • Interfacing with the local resident advisory council to solicit community advice and inform residents of issues related to mixed-use development issues within the community.
  • Interfacing with local government officials, County Commissioners, State Representatives and Senators regarding land use issues, zoning, and growth management and transportation issues.
  • Interfacing with governmental and quasi-governmental entities such as law enforcement agencies, metropolitan districts, public utility services, school boards and library districts with regard to community services and infrastructure development.
  • Managing an annual operating and capital budget of $26 million.
  • Developing and implementing public relations strategies.